Level Up and Level Out


There are Levels to This Shyt....

It's a Popular Saying but also Very True. I know its uncomfortable to admit that all women are not created equal but lying to yourself serves only those that seek to keep you from your advancement.

Some Women Stay Winning while Some Women Stay Whinning.

Its my Intention that you get past emotionally Immaturity and Level Up and Out into Maturity.

Everything you Desire is On the Side of Wisdom and only Basic Bum Bitches Believe Ingorance is Bliss.

We are Not Created Equal BUT We all are Created to Win....

This Class is RAW AND UNCUT. If your sensitive dont take the class. The Whore Stays Winning because she MASTERS HERSELF. That is no easy Leap but a Necessary LEVEL UP.

We will meet twice a week for 3 months. Calls will be sent to you after each call.

DISCLAIMER: Use Coupon Code "whore" for a pay in full discount. The Course will be $497

This Class will be a Vault Class. That means after its done it wont be made public again every. There wont be any access to it. Due to the nature of the call.