Platinum:12 Month VIP Business Mentorship


Platinum: Creates the Content with you and Structure From Intermediate to End of 6 months. Cultivation of the Mindset and Emotions needed to Sustain a Business. Assistance with customer conflict and PERSONAL self conflict and sabotage.

Adding a Spiritual Component to Business always Expands and Protections your brand and helps you manage competition. So along with the base teachings above you will also get In-dept Business Spiritual Practices. EVERYONE SUCCESSFUL USES THEM....dont fool yourself.

Growing Up The BUSINESS WOMAN: As you start to make changes you will see every area of your life change. This 12 month time we will focus on the FULL WOMEN, from Relationships, Networking, Men, Lovers, Business and Family. There is at times alot of guilt that comes with success and not to mention responsibility. We will focus alot also on REMOVING BLOCKS to your SUCCESS as well.


Bonus: A Meet and Greet at the end of our consecutive year Mentorship!

This Mentorship is for 12 Months at $997 a Month. We will meet for a hour every week for 3 weeks of the month

There is a Pay In Full option that gets you an additional $3500. Email me at for that special payment link.This is for those that think all they need is a little help. They already have some stuff done.