Sacred Solar Sister Sircle: (Elements of Business Success)


Yesterday I posted a video of a Kayak Training trip my daughters went on. I got alot of emails and feedback based on my interaction with them is standoffish. Meaning I let them figure things out on their own. You can see the small clip here.

The truth is I see PARENTING as a BUSINESS. I didnt always look at it that way but HAIL JUPITER! Success is EXPANSION. When you Fully Grasp that in your MIND, in your HEART (emotions) , IN YOUR SELF and root it in your SPIRITUALITY...You have the 4 Elements of Success. That is not always simple and easy to do but NECESSARY.


I did a short radio show on it to help you pull out the Elemental Wisdom of Success. I saw my own mirror and knew that This Chinese Business Mogul understand Elements very well. Of course he does, his culture is based in the Metaphysical/Spiritual Realm.

I am also going to dedicate this Solar Sister Sircle to The Elements of Success. At times people TALK AT YOU, and that makes it hard for you to receive what is being said. So I want to help you PULL OUT THE SYMBOLISM of SUCCESS. That way you can better apply the practical principles of personal life goals/success.

 First Listen to the 15 minute Radio Show I did on this article and topic.