Strategies For Black Womens ELEVATION


Creative Chaos!

Ladies if you heard my 2 hr Live yesterday, on my Gia Storm friend page, then you knew this email was coming. I said it all yesterday in the 2 hr live concerning The Lack Of Black Women Strategic Planning in All Areas of Life, even shared some of my story. So while we may have some areas right, as we see in Kim Porters case...IF ALL AREAS are not right...well The Small Foxes Spoil The Vine.

Being a Black women is DIVINE but it is also a DIVINE RESPONSIBILITY. We cant afford to make decisions without a Long Term Vision (Discernment)

By Now alot of us know that Kim Porter, Diddy's child's mother, was found dead. Well anyone with any sense of Discernment knows something in the milk isn't clean. Witches know when other Witches are at work. Her recent trip from Africa is telling, given the timing. Nonetheless another Matriarch is gone and HER LEGACY (over a billion dollars) is not in HER CONTROL. This is so reminiscent of Whitney Houston's story and all the other Black Women who died early. Its very telling also that the media is trying to erase any trace of her recent burglary and stolen laptops.

Unfortunately for some of us its to late. We will never beat Cursed Loops. Even worse is that some of us keep trying only to end up mentally and emotionally drained. There is a reason for all this. One I have come to realize alot of Black Women simply are naive of...Strategy.

Next Year is a GET IT IN SEASON and Nobody can do that better than A BLACK WOMEN!

The Blessing that is The Black Women is that she is IMMORTAL. She can REINVENT HERself anytime she needs to or as it is required. I teach to move into and out of any Archetype when needed. Certain situations call for you to be mellow, nice and collected. Then there are other times when you have to be Cunning, Wise, Shrewd and STRATEGIC.

There is a Time and Place For Everything. When its the Season to Plant, you cant expect a Harvest. When its the Season to Harvest, you dont have time to figure out how to manage it all. To many of us are Sitting in the Sacrifice Seat simply because we wont Play The Game of Life to Win.

So Lets Win CONSISTENTLY...My Strategic 6 Month Intensive Course Starts Dec 1st.
I am going to channel my old Youtube Archetype and do this course in Study Format. I do so LOVE doing them, its just more Intensive. Plus the BONUS is going to be Just As Intensive. We are going to Channel Machiavelli Himself. For you who have never been in a Group Channel, no need to be scared. I will prepare you first. Dont let Hollywood Movies Glamor you out of your Power....smiles

We Have ALOT to Cover and Hopefully we can get it done in 6 months but if we go longer, there is NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. Some of you know, I take my time teaching and allow for the Groups Energy To Guide.

Here are the Topics & A Short call (got cut off) on the Course:
  1. Strategies For Career Elevation The Dark Wisdom Way
  2. Strategies For Love Relationship Management The Dark Wisdom Way
  3. Strategies For Family Management (Raising Children) The Dark Wisdom Way
  4. Strategies For Becky Bitch Management The Dark Wisdom Way
  5. Strategies For Networking and Social Climbing The Dark Wisdom Way
  6. Strategies For Dating The Dark Wisdom Way
  7. Strategies For Sexual Satisfaction The Dark Wisdom Way
  8. Strategies For (Air) Mental Toughness in Uncertain or Chaotic Times
  9. Strategies For (Water) Emotional Management in Uncertain or Chaotic Times
  10. Strategies For (Fire) Sustaining Self Confidence in Uncertain or Chaotic Times
  11. Strategies For (Earth) Staying Rooted and Grounded in Your Dreams and Goals
  12. Strategies for (Ether) Loving Yourself/Forgiving Yourself When You Make Mistakes
  13. Strategies for (Occult) Using the Unseen to Alter the Seen (when needed)
The Group Is Already Up and Running and the schedule For this 6 Month Intensive Dark Wisdom Strategy, Course Specific for Black Women is as follows:

1. Two Study Strategy Calls a Week (On the pages that will be homework)
2. One Practical Application Call a Month (We will discuss how we used what we learned)
3. One Group Channel a Month

This LINK IS THE PAY IN FULL DISCOUNTED PRICE OF $500 ( Full price is $1k)