YOU are all that IS, WAS and EVER WILL BE. No one is coming to save you and the quicker you accept that the FASTER Your Chaos will turn into Creation.....

Unparalleled Instruction

All are welcome at our non-denominational spiritual house of worship. The housing BEING YOU. Like many I always looked for something outside of me to fill all voids. As any seeker of spiritual wisdom knows, Gnostic Teachers have come to SHOW US THE WAY.

As someone who has taken many religions paths, I now know that the first and only temple to build in my OWN. The Temple of my Thoughts. The Temple of my Character. The Temple of my Finances. The Temple of my Relationships. The Temple of my Spirituality.

Once built, everything else falls into place.

So whether you're new to esoteric principles or are advanced. There is something here for all. Warning: My style of teaching is straight and to the point. No Fluff and Fancy....xoxo (hugs)