Witch Business Basics (How to Brand your Business Spiritually)


3 Day Telecall PLUS 1 Business 30 min Consultation with Me. 

Having a business or starting one takes WORK.  However, you can save alot of money by learning from others. I wasted so much money with expensive courses, books and the push of the "next big promise" all to learn the HOW TO BUSINESS GAME IS RIGGED.  The ups, downs and lies I believed, along with the money wasted/invested in expensive business building ventures, courses and books, all to find out they needed my ignroance more than I needed them.  Well eventually I found out what is pushing "the so called successful" and their business to success......IT IS THE OCCULT and Spiritual Practices they do secretly.

Yes it takes physical work, Yes it takes common knowledge but MORE IMPORTANTLY IT TAKES SPIRITUAL GROUNDING AND WISDOM AND THE CORRECT SYMBOL.

This series will focus on the Spiritual/Metaphysical/Occult Foundation of your Business. I did a video explaining in more detail. Don't believe peoples businesses are prosperous just because they wrote a business proposal and did everything by the book..noooo there is alot else going on behind the scenes. Listen to the Show I did explaining Spiritually Branding Your Business.

I AM EXCITED about the new changes. It will assist me in helping more women and zoning in on certain problem areas. It is PAST time for the cycles to be broken. This Hitting and Missing MUST STOP NOW.

DISCLAIMER: I have been asked if people could attend even if they do not have a business. The answer is YES. Why? Because your LIFE IS A BUSINESS. IF more people handled their life like one many things would change.