12 Week Witchcraft Workshop (Semi Mentorship)


12 Weeks of WitchCraft.. Learn the Major Skills all Wise Women know.  Call will be emailed once a week for 12 weeks.  Dont be afraid of YOURSELF or the Magical Skills that your Ancestors practiced with great success.

  1. Holy Language/CURSive Writing
  2. Laws of Magic
  3. Thought Form Creation
  4. Evocation Mastery
  5. Daily Divination/Subconscious Sorcery
  6. Strategic Sorcery
  7. Medusa Magic
  8. Menstrual Magic
  9. Blood Magic
  10. Black Magic Principles
  11. Sex Magic
  12. Wadjet Witchery
  13. 2 Hr Mentorship Call at Completion