40 Days of Finanical Increase and Expansion (Law Of Multiplication Invoked)


Over 40 days I will hold a Call Session on Different Aspects of Financial Increase. The Links will be sent to you in the Morning. They will keep you motivated and Focused.

They are unseen and even unspoken. It is one reason I love the Darkness. She has taught me more about myself as a women and a human being on this planet than any "enlightenment" ever could. One such law is: The Law of Multiplication. At first it seems simple but looking at this law with Dark Colored Shades, you see it is the Only Force that Moves Creation upon COMMAND. Be Ye Fruitful and Multiply is a command. It is not a request or something asked in vain. To NOT multiple is your choice and one that guarantees your immediate and future destruction. Anyone seeking Expansion MUST MULTIPLE and learn how to Invoke Opportunity, not just see it or seize it....