American GODS (Season 2)


et's Get It POPPIN!!!

We will meet once a week to Decode the Occult Lessons and Meanings of The Nature and Universal forces that we call....GODS.

This decode is for Season 2. It starts on 5 Days and I CANT WAIT!!!I am ALWAYS Greatful when The Universal FORCES give channels to Hollywood jesters that can Present The Mysteries in a way that can be Understood, if you have darker eyes. 

Per This Seasons trailer the focus will be on THE INNER BATTLE between BELIEF and FAITH and my Gosh is this lesson NEEDED.

As Black women we are ALWAYS fighting these two concepts. Some of you found me because of this battle. We have asked many questions on the nature of "god." Like, If there is a such thing as "sin?" Is hell or the devil real? What are the gods? However, most asked question Ive been asked is Why does witchcraft work? We stay in inner Conflict about simple things. 

The battle within, concerning belief and faith, is truly a HUMAN one, One made up by HUMANS ALSO. It's a strategy of control set up by higher ranks to keep us confused and always questioning reality. It's a smorgasbord of EVERYTHING DOWN HERE on the earth and IN THE COSMOS. Trying to make sense of it all PLUS trying to figure our how all this effects you, will make you paranoid. 

Ladies I had those EXACT SAME QUESTIONS. I was just fortunate enough to align with the right people who taught me the mysteries. I didnt have to undo alot of false teachings about the Mysteries. I jumped right into the Darker Polarity of LIFE and began to comprehend, discern, and understand the Ligher Polarity. I know I couldnt have got it any other way. Why? Well because as a Black Woman my history is really HERSTORY, which means I needed The Ancient Ways (Old Gods). I was asking questions about things past and nothing "new age" can answer a Old Age questions. It'smany lies out here attempting to short cut Creation's process. I cant say enough how shortcutting hurts us in the end. You won't even begin to comprehend the magnificence of LIVE when YOU THE BLACK WOMEN ( the original creators) attemp to shortcut your LIFE EXPERIENCE AND STORY.

I personally blame the light workers for the short cut mentality and behavior alot of humans have. The professed light workers have the world believing that The Universe was created in 7 days and that a women came from a mans rib. This external short cut creation story keeps us looking for this magical God in everything External but fails to teach that You are also a Divinity. One locked in a body.  So of course we have a crisis of FAITH from time to time. We dont know what to BELIEVE. After all, people we loved who held authoritive positions told us these lies also. They even believed them.

Well Ladies....

The Darker way does not encourage this type of battle between BELIEF AND FAITH because it teaches you that in NO WAY can they compete. Belief and Faith are two different concepts. My gosh I cant wait to talk about all this on the decode calls!!

Sisters what you are calling God is an emanation, One of MILLIONS. The Earth Herslelf a only a  small part of a much bigger force. THE FORCE LOVES ITSELF AND CREATES ITSELF OVER AND OVER AND OVER...(where the idea of gods and goddesses come from)

And Guess What? Black women are ONE of those emanations as well....

Yes there is a war alright, its just not the war you think it is. 

Anyway WE START THIS FRIDAY with a BONUS CALL. I will teach more on this. 

FYI if anyone wants to get into what I taught in Season 1 of American Gods, the link is below. It was a Masterpiece! This is truly my Favortie Series. We had fun decoding it. Get it here