Bad Boys and Death Energy Decode


I told you that we are in a EARTH year. Your seeing it Confirmed. Earth isnt what alot of people assume or think it is. SHE IS A GREEDY BITCH that LOVES CHECKS AND BALANCES. Her food is SHIT, PISS AND BLOOD. You eat from her because she LOVES DEATH AND DECAY.

You better learn to MASTER HER within YOU.

I just watched Bad Boys and this ritual movie is a hot mess. None the less it is a RITUAL movie, any movie with Saint Death is. Rituals arent good or bad. Death isnt good or bad. You just want to make sure your protected no matter what, especially death rituals. That's why I do End of Year/New Year readings. Your going into a death cycle at the end of ANYTHING. 

There are MANY FORMS OF DEATH. This Friday I will do a Decode on The Movie Bad Boys. As a Bonus, and for the Second Time Ever, I am going to teach on Death and How She is USED FOR YOUR BENEFIT! The first time I taught it was when I was on YT. I cant find that class so I will redo it as a BONUS for those that take this decode class.  Ladies I don't want you to be afraid of anything NATURAL!

We all go through death in various forms. We will also all die. We have been to funerals and even buried loved ones. So why the fear of it? People talk about ancestors but are afraid of death? That's immature and ignorant.

This Friday I am going to Decode Bad Boys AND I am going to teach on DEATH energy which in black magic is secretly called ABSORPTION. The call will be 2hrs. So just come prepared to stay longer than normal. Use this link to sign up now. Early Bird price of $65 until Friday. Then normal price of $97. There is a coupon code for 10% off additional if you know it ha! I was told you in other emails I sent.