Elements of Business Success


I am ALWAYS amazed at the talent and ideas so many of you have. I am also equally amazed that even when you Brand Yourself in Business you still struggle and burn out or give up.

Yes having a Business is NOT EASY but what is equally as hard is NOT BOSSING UP!

Why Start Something you get frustrated with and quit?
Why Second Guess Your Gift?
Why Stumble in areas that you just need to get disciplined in?

More Importantly...

Why do you go at it alone. Black Women have a ego problem, one that keeps them bound. We over estimate our knowledge base and underestimate our available support. Ladies,YOU HAVE HELP, you just wont take it. I have talked to countless women who waste money on seemingly quick fixes and flashy marketing gimmicks that spell them into buying services or information that ALWAYS LEAVE OUT SATURN (Disciple and Work)

If you think you can Create and Sustain a Business when YOU ARE WISHY WASHY your denying yourself the Gift of Structure and Safety. Great businesses provide both. Not just for you but for the people you are serving.

This course is good for a women who has a business, is starting a business OR just want to expand in The Business of Being a Women.

In The Elements of Business Success Course You Will Receive
  1. Air and Water Business Basics
  2. Fire Business Basics
  3. Earth Business Basics
  4. Overcoming the Fear or Greatness and the Fear of Rejection and the Fear of Money
  5. Rituals For Financial Increase Resources
Upon Sign up the Calls and Information will be Sent to you Via DropBox within 24hrs

Some of you all know me from my old YT days....I have been in this publicly 10 years and privately longer than that...I HAVE WENT NOWHERE while so many others have come and gone. I have witness it all and I am seeing even now business that WONT BE HERE in a year or two....

Right Now its on Sale for $197 (Normal $297)