ETHER: Full Elemental Whore (105)


The Feminine Energy Dynamics Course goes into the Various Power Principles of the Feminine and how to use them for YOUR OVERALL Health, Wealth and Life. The more and more Black Women RADIATE Power, Justice, Courage, Acceptance, Forgiveness and Self, Tolerance of Self, Discipline and Vulnerability, the more we will see MAJOR TIDES TURN in our Lives.

This Course Sums you up in Relation to the Cosmos and Men, who are the 2nd Cause. You are a DYNAMIC force on this planet. The complexities of those Dynamics scare alot of people. At times you are scared of yourself also. The Depth and Range of the Black Women is what the First Mystery Systems/Secret Societies are modeled after. This is the SUMMARY of all the Whore Teachings because YOU are the Summary of LIFE and DEATH. Men know that, YOU just don

Unfortunately Black Women don't know what the FIRST CAUSE IS and its Time They Learn

There is a  Facebook Group for this Class. It took us over 9 months to Finish THIS COURSE...