GOLD: Love, Business, Witchcraft or Femininity MENTORSHIP


GOLD: Love, Business, Witchcraft or Femininity 6 MENTORSHIP months. Cultivation of the Mindset and Emotions needed to Sustain any of those areas. Choose an Area and Lets Get it BALANCED, NOURISHED and FLOURISHING.

We will meet for a hour every week for 3 weeks of the month. Its 3 Months at $997 a Month.

We will be Adding a Spiritual to the Area of concern.

There is a Pay In Full option that gets you an additional $300. Email me at for that special payment link. This is for those that think all they need is a little help in a certain area. They already have some self work.

The GOLD Mentorship Focuses on SUSTAINING ONLY (Creation is in the Silver Mentorship)