Group Ancestor Ritual


If you have this link you are thinking about joining the yearly Group Ancestor Gatekeeper Ritual. As per my LIVE on my FB you are not limited to only human ancestors. Not the Black Women. She NEVER HAS BEEN! 

Anyway You choose what Element you want greater access and blessings in. EACH $200 is per element. You can do 1, 2, 3 or 4 rituals to cover any or all elements. Just change the quantity.

Air: Access The Mind,Information, Mental Health, Easy Answers and Correct Information no lies and the delays they bring

Water: Access Flow of Healthy Emotional Experiences and Healing. Flow of Money, Love, Friends, etc. This is good for when your blocked

Earth: Access Manifestions in the Physical. Remove physical barriers. Want Miracles in Manifestations that are Physical, the Body, Money, Friends, Relationships, Job, etc

Fire: Access to your Creativity! That will give you a  Faster Pace of LIFE, Love, Healing, Sex, Money and more Life Force