Haunting on Hill House (Discernment Decode)


Lets Do It Again!!

Lets do a Decode on a Deeper Level. On the Level of Discernment. Stepping Back and Having a BIGGER BROADER VIEW of Curses, Contracts and Covenants that we as black women have made that keep us in the seat of sacrifice but more importantly how to recognize it in those around us so we wont be effected.

The Curse Causeless can not come. There is a ROOT and SOURCE of ALL things. Having Dark Eyes will open a your awareness of...……..

The Unsaid
The Unseen
The Unheard

The Decode will be on The POWERFUL Show on Netflix The Haunting. If you are triggered by darker concepts its just simply time for you to Trigger Thru!

You MUST Become the Witch
You MUST Become the Conjurer
You MUST Become the God of YOUR Life

If you are going to Discern Energy. You cant even begin to reverse something you don't understand. 

This Course is about UNDERSTANDING of the Darker Side..

Lets Get IT!

Your End of The Year will NOT END with Ignorance.

Cost $99 but use Coupon Code "discern" to get Course for $55!