Know YourSelf: Semi Mentorship (WitchCraft)


Learning To Master Your Craft: This is a 4 week Course for those New to the Occult and Witchcraft. It is a One on One Individual Course that teaches you the Basics and the Intermediates of Magic. Most Importantly it will give you insight on YOUR SPECIAL BRAND OF MAGIC. Everyone is not called to the same area. That is why some workings work for some and not others. This will also take your further into the Elements and Bring in Extra Elements of Power, that no one teaches on. I will allow you to record or I will record our mentor session but it is NOT TO BE SHARED! I do teach and share my years worth of wisdom with just anyone. I expect you to be respectful of the Secrets of the Craft. 

This is for those that cant commit to the Longer Mentorships (Look in Mentorship Category) but need a boost. Or for those that want to atleast get started until they decide how they really want to use The Craft in their lives. We meet once a week for 1 hr for four weeks.  This is not an Advanced Mentorship. You need the Silver, Gold or Platinum VIP for that. This mentorship is for those starting or needing a refresher.

You will KNOW what your Strong in and what your Weak In by the end of the 4 weeks.