Mammon in the Marketplace 30 Day Intensive


30 Day Intensive Training on how to Shop as a WITCH. 

I am only doing this ONCE and its going in the VAULT. Everyone in my Mammon Group GETS THIS Intensive Training FREE inside the Group.

You will get to see how I shop for 30 days Straight. I will use the Trending Items of this Season and teach you LUCK, Geometric Magic, The Law of Association, Money Management, Personal Shopping and HACKS.

I am a VERY LUCKY women. You all already know if you have followed me for a while. I ALWAYS get what I want. It will even be the LAST waiting on me.  I am going to teach you WHAT YOUR MOTHER DIDNT AND WHAT SHE DIDNT KNOW! 

People pay THOUSANDS to learn to Master the Marketplace for their Job, Dating, Health and Beauty needs. 

If you know it or not, EVERY OTHER WOMEN WANTS TO BE LIKE YOU. All products are created for WOMEN to better their lives and the lives of their families. You miss out when you dont know how the Marketplace Moves. 


This One Intensive is going to save you Multiple Thousands in DOLLARS and HOURS.

NO SHARING! You will be kicked out of group, banned and not refunded.