Matriarchy and Men


Jada and August Alchemy Call This Friday 

I have been asked to do a Class on this from the Dark Goddess Perspective. I will this FRIDAY. It's the Day Of Love.

The COST of RELATING with SUCCESSFUL MEN will be the focus. I'll cover the topics below.

♡ Matriarchal Mating and Marriage
 $ Matriarchal Money and Men
☆ Matriarchal Magic

Jada is full of shyt but her Matriarchal Energy Manipulation is on point. 

All women need to know it. Your a MATRIARCH if you have a Vagina. You want to be a PRODUCTIVE ONE. Especially if your dealing with MEN! 

Today is LAST DAY for the 50% off LIBERTY discount on ALL CLASSES. Use the code "jada." After today it's normal $97

This isnt a basic class ladies. We are going to cover some darker shyt. Just Trigger Thru.