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4 Calls On Money Magic Mastery.

I watched the movie Snowpiercer this week and I have not stopped thinking about it. I am going to do a FREE SHOW on that movie TOMORROW at 10pm. If you would like to come simply reply to this email and I will send you the call in number.

The Movie is about CLASS. The Haves and Have Nots.

Studying a Class System that is build on Slave Dept is always interesting. The sad thing is that many of us dont know or are not concered with our own CLASS POSITION.

Everyone can do with more money, assets, etc, especially at the end of the year.

There is alot of confusion and preconceived consciousness about Prosperity and I want to always assist women with living their HIGHEST POTENTIAL. I did a show below about it.

Gods and Goddess of Currency Show:

The GOOD thing in our CURRENT System of DEBT is that you can GET OUT OF IT!!

However, you MUST INVOKE A NEW STORY! That is what the Gods and Goddess of Money have been trying to teach this planet for years. Its not just aout making a altar, or sprinkling herbs or even cast spells. That is a Major Part as we all do these things subconscious everyday. HOWEVER, What they have been trying to TEACH US IS TO USE OUR SPIRITUAL and PHYSICAL POWER to change, shift and call forth a NEW DESIGN. In order to do that we must really learn what Money Magic is and Summon the System the CORRECT WAY... Listen to the show I did below:

Gods and Goddess of Currency Show:

DO YOU THINK THESE GODS AND GODDESS ON TOP OF CAPITAL BUILDINGS ARE THERE MY ACCIDENT............Even Moses (who is a prosperity god) is on The Supreme Courts EAST SIDE.

Ladies we are THE EARTH and the Inhabitants come from OUR IMAGE.

Take back your SCIENCES and PROSPER!

 4 week Telecall on Money Magic Mastery (Invoking the Gods/Goddess)

The FIRST and HIGHEST RATE OF RETURN (ROI) is when you invest in YOUR 1st.