Original Mammon 5 Day Course


I cant even believe I found this..

I have a Mammon Group now that is now over 5 years old. This group is NOT the first group and alot of people dont know that. 

The Original Mammon Course was born out of my exist from YT and I was just trying something new. I got tired of the broke witch and struggling spiritual nonsense of those communities and decided to teach women what I did and what they could do to beat it all!!

I still cant believeI found this...Im sharing 5 classes. They are below

In my current Mammon Money group there are only 7 women who were following me when I did this FIRST Mammon introduction..Rho, Blue, Marie, Kalisha,Cness,Lisa,Greer and Serenity..

I cant believe I found it

The Topics are Stocks, Life Cycles and Rhythms, Money Illusions, Financial Therapy, Monetary Expansion and Elevation