Parenting the Dark Goddess Way


Monday I did a call, that I now want to make public, on Parenting the Dark Goddess Way, as a Black Women. Ladies, I know we love our children. I know we want the best for them no matter what circumstance they were birthed in. Unfortunately, love isn't enough.

In all the years I have been doing this more women have come to be for readings about life problems or relationship problems than they have for their children. That needs to STOP. Recently in my Witchcraft Group a sister shared a testimony with us about the FULL RIDE SCHOLARSHIP her son got to attend college. She is one of the FEW women who reached out to me YEARS BEFORE their child graduated and got spiritual work done to SECURE HIS FUTURE. That sister and I worked for a YEAR STRAIGHT to remove ALL BLOCKS and she didn't complain ONCE. She not only did what I told her to do, she paid what was necessary. The amount she paid in mental, emotional and financial energy to MAKE SURE HER SON WAS PROTECTED AND SECURE was NOTHING compared to the MONEY, STATUS AND PROTECTION all that work GOT HER.

Oh and she inst the only one...I have helped a few women secure their children and grandchildren. However, that number is still few.

I simply don't understand it. Why do we put our children last? Ladies that thinking is KILLING OUR LEGACY. I don't care if its grandchildren, they are apart of YOU. You all see all the work it takes for me to keep my girls inline. Some of you all in the groups or calls have seen and heard them speak openly about it.

Its simply time for women with children or grandchildren to stop the madness. Its to late after something has happened AND its more expensive financially and energetically.

I have seen video after video on social media of parents embarrassing their children. Why we still think thats a effective strategy is beyond me. We must LEARN A NEW WAY TO PARENT.

For me the new way is the DARK WAY. Not only because it doenst allow us to pretend our children are not at risk BUT it gives us the tools to use the shadow while we protect them from the shadow of others.

It all starts with YOU as the MOTHER...

Parenting Children the Dark Goddess Way is VERY VERY DIFFERENT...Class link below.

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