Pre Priestess (Serpent Eye of Discernment)


We hear alot about SELF LOVE. Well if one really loves themself then they choose to see THE REALITY of any and all situations. NOT just what we want to see

Last year I did a 28 day teaching on Recognition. I KNOW 100% that what Blinds people to all their GOOD is their LACK OF CLEAR VISION. You can help them, pray for them, do all types of stuff for them but if they CANT SEE REALITY for what it binds them to actually RECEIVING. 

Women have Scales on their eyes...however once removed the world becomes a totally different place. HOWEVER you have to TRAIN your Spiritual Eyes to ADJUST to a frequency that is foreign to them.

PrePriestess Training for Removing the Scales 3 Day Call

Discernment is a GIFT that has to be cultivated. It is not something you just "have." There are far to many dimensions.