Sacred Solar Sister Sircle (Easter/Istar Rise, Restore, Rewrite your Story)


We are in a season of Restoral. The Christians stoke everything from us...

So This Months Sister Sircle will focus on Black Women becoming the Risen Messiah, the one who Rewrites her own Destiny and Stands as the Restored Matriarch of her Life.

We will meet each Sunday for April and I will teach on Rituals of Love, Fertility, Death and Restoration. Women MUST PARTAKE IN RITUALS. Your Body is the FIRST ALTAR and to worship YOURSELF...

We will collectively Do the Rite of Inanna this Sunday. So this Sunday make sure you wean from heavy food, get the ingredients I will email you upon sign up (which is simple to get) and drink plenty of water.

We will focus on the Rise, Restoration and Rewritten Gift of Sisterhood, Family, Sexual Relationships, Money, Etc