Shadow Nature Movie Decode


Creative Chaos

As normal The Scribes send us out the last two quarters of the year FULLY CHARGED and in some cases FULLY DEPLETED. Burning Man always kicks it off tho. Either way, you are always influenced by the mass SPELLING of all human consciousness. Even if you dont watch certain movies, your friends, family, co workers, lovers,or child's classmates and their parents to. SO IT ALL EFFECTS YOU IF YOU LIKE IT OR NOT.

None of us can afford energetically to be passive. Even if we want

As my mantra states: Its better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

I was forced into the Dark Wisdom Path. Things were going on with me and around me that I thought I knew. I HAD NO REAL IDEA. I learned though and you have to as well. Really so you can USE the Energy of the Story FOR YOUR BENEFIT.

Alot of Good Movies have come out and some are already using the Stories to Open up Doors for them personally. For this decode I choose 3 Main Movies. You will learnĀ  why in the decode class. This course will take us 4 weeks, 4 classes. Gemini is so heavy that will take at least 2 days.

Class starts THIS MONDAY, October 28th at 9pm est. The Movies are as Follows:

Joker: Revenge and Retribution and why its needed

Maleficent: Matriarch Wars, Then and Now

Gemini: Mastering the Polarities of YOU. (Will Smith Slayed it)