SILVER: Love, Business, Witchcraft or Femininity MENTORSHIP


SILVER:  Love, Business, Witchcraft or Femininity 3 MENTORSHIP months. Creation of Your Life Blueprint. Each Life is UNIQUE so what works for YOU is not the same as what will work for someone else. This mentorship is for those that need Alot of Guidance and even some Hand Holding. This is the BRICK AND MORTAR MOTIVATION of LIFE.  Cultivation of the Mindset and Emotions needed to CREATE in any of those areas. Choose an Area and Lets Get it BALANCED, NOURISHED and FLOURISHING.

Its 3 Months at $2999...We will meet for a hour every week for 3 weeks of the month. Schedule may change 

This is for those Just Starting out and haven't done ANY Self or Spell Work (If you have done some self work then you need the GOLD: Sustaining Mentorship)

The cost goes up 1k every year until I stop Mentoring period....take advantage