The Miseducation of Monogamy


February is almost here and alot of people will be sharing LOVE in the form of Relationships. Some of us are happy during the Valentine Season some of us are sad. Either way, when alot of psychic and emotional energy is focused by a group of people, on any theme or topic, its a good time to USE that psychic and emotional energy to clean and clear your own. LETS GET IT!

This is such a good, cute, fun, drama, sexy filled series. I got to put the DARK WISDOM ON IT! We are all these women and men in various seasons of our lives. Lets take a look at how RELATIONSHIPS MIRROR us. I will teach on what Mirroring is also. What you think is probably wrong, the light workers always have the shyt wrong.

This is for SEASON 1 ONLY. We will meet Wed and Thur for 3 weeks.

The FOCUS of our time together will be to look at each couple, and the couples swap to discern in our own lives how Relationships Mirror Us, Mirror our Mother and Mirror our Money.

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Class has already started. Upon sign up you will receive the call in number and dropbox of the 2 calls we have already done.

I am also going to do Season 2 of these series. If you want to join BOTH season decodes click on the link below. You can use the same coupon code for a special price when you sign up for BOTH seasons. Go to this link if you want to sign up for BOTH seasons decode below.