The Reluctant Queen Decode



Queen Charlotte Decode will be for 3 days. Two episodes a week on Sunday. Calls will be recorded and sent if you cant make it. 

Y'all have been asking so lets get it in right quick! 

Queen Charlotte is a BEAUTIFUL OCCUT story of The Feminine going through her seasons RELUCTANTLY. 


We have been forced to Grow up NOT having Support, Guidance and Wisdom.

What I know now is that isn't a bad as we have made it to be. WE HAVE TO PIVOT and THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS.

So Let's have a 3 day discussion on PIVOTING using DARK WISDOM. As you see no one really told her anything and when they did they had their own agendas (lady danbury) YET SHE STILL RULED AS QUEEN EVENTUALLY.

Lets go into what that means for US. Learning to Play a Quiet Long Game and even playing into the delusions of others for the win! 

You end up Mastering YOUR WATER element like a GODDESS!