Velocity: Survive and Thrive In Corona Times


Surviving and Thriving in Corona times.  I have been asked by a few people to do a class on how to Survive and Thrive in these times. I did a Call on Corona for witches when this all popped off to teach you how to Protect Yourself during this time. THIS NEW CLASS will be on SURVIVING AND THRIVING. You don't have to have taken the first Cornona class either. Also for those that did take the Corona class use the coupon code "unbothered" for an extra $20 off. This New Class will give more updates and help you STABILIZE YOURSLEF so that all of the BLESSINGS that are POURING OUT wont Pass You By... Ladies is so much PROSPERITY out here in THIS SEASON it's like a Fantasy. If I wanst a witch that knew and lived the Miraculous I wouldn't see it or believe it