Yoni Magic


This is a 2hr Call on Yoni Magic. It involves blood so if that is something your squimish about just letting you know.

The Vagina is THE GATEWAY and how it FLOWS sets you up for Ease or Struggle in every element of your life.

I have a VERY CHARGED VAGINA. In my witchcraft group I posted a video today teaching the women one thing they can do to get a charged vagina. While my witchcraft group is closed to the public in this class you will learn alot. 

This is a class based on ORAL tradition and because of that the call will have a QUOTA. Once that quota is met, this link wont work.

GODDESS GOODY! For the next five days use the coupon code "valentine" for an extra 30% off. CLASSES ONLY.

This call will be Sunday. Call information will be sent upon sign up only.